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Embracing Magick

Embracing Magick

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  • A cinnamon roll baking witch
  • Forced Proximity
  • Dragon shifter hero
  • Supernatural enforcement agency
  • Slow burn sizzling romance
  • Hindu Mythology Fantasy


Something is here. Something otherworldly, something alien, and its intentions are far from amicable.

Families are going missing in the city, and it’s my job to find them.

With the public eye on my every move, I’m working against a ticking clock to locate the missing humans.

When the evidence begins to point to an entirely alien and sinister plot, the government agency I works for is forced to change strategy. Now my friends I are need to go undercover in the hopes of becoming the next victims.

But will the kidnapper take the bait?

And if he does, will my friends and I make it out alive?

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