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Defying Magick

Defying Magick

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  • A cinnamon roll baking witch
  • Forced Proximity
  • Dragon shifter hero
  • Supernatural enforcement agency
  • Slow burn sizzling romance
  • Hindu Mythology Fantasy


Death comes in many forms, and sometimes it comes in several at the same time...

My obligation to the djinn is over, so why does the world feel a little bleaker? There’s barely time to ponder before a horrific massacre leaves me in charge of my first case with the IEPEU.

I'm charged with uncovering the identity of the supernatural creatures behind the attack and expose the person pulling the strings. But when my asura power chooses this case to surge to the surface, I’m forced to learn to master a force bigger than I could ever have anticipated.

Because I’m on a hit list, and the person that wants me dead will do anything to uncover my weaknesses.

But this time I won’t be taken by surprise.

This time I’m not going down without a fight.

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