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Unleashing Magick

Unleashing Magick

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  • A cinnamon roll baking witch
  • Forced Proximity
  • Dragon shifter hero
  • Supernatural enforcement agency
  • Slow burn sizzling romance
  • Hindu Mythology Fantasy


When it comes to war the only guarantee is death...

The cosmic gods are about to strike, humanity is on the verge of losing it’s free will, and my friends and I are the last line of defence.

The task of being anchor between the witches and the skein is draining me by the hour, but I’m not one to sit by and let my friends do the work.

With the clock ticking toward the eclipse, I’m determined to wrestle a plan B into place.

With my dragon demi-god mate and his asura at my side, l’ll make some huge leaps of faith.

When the eclipse arrives, I’ll be ready.

I hope I’ll be ready…

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