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Hunted by Sin

Hunted by Sin

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  • Assassin Heroine
  • Found Family
  • Naga Shifters and witches
  • Shifters not of this world
  • Hidden Destiny
  • Hindu Mythology Fantasy


Assassin turned superhero. Send help.

Being a Gatekeeper in training means protecting the innocent and hunting down the bad guys.

Makes me sound like a superhero.

I’m not.

I’m just trying to fix the shit I broke.

But when a rogue vampire with some serious ninja skills starts leaving a string of missing persons in his wake, I’m up against the clock. Throw in a series of witch blood kidnappings, and an order from the Mayfair Coven’s high witch, and I’m in overload.

I need to solve these cases fast.

But the deeper I dig, the less things add up.

I’m gonna have to learn to weed out the truth from the lies, but my gut tells me, if I’m not careful, the truth might just kill me.

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