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Dragon Guard Omnibus

Dragon Guard Omnibus

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Hardback Special Edition

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The stories say that the dragons saved humanity, but all they left were ashes, cinder, and a new breed of human. Welcome to the Outlands, where nobody cares if you scream.

Rogue, Fighter, survivor. I have many roles, yet my only purpose is to protect my loved ones and make a better life for them. But, when I’m captured by Dragon bloods, my dreams go up in smoke.

Caged and forced to fight in the arena for their amusement, my only hope of escape is to survive each battle on the sands.

But there is more to the Arena’s purpose than meets the eye, and I’m beginning to believe that all the stories I’ve been told may be nothing more than fiction.

With the help of a man with eyes like flame, and his arrogant, incorrigible brother, I may just survive to find out the truth.The Bloods are close to executing an awful plan, and the only way to stop them is to escape.

My family wait for me. My dream awaits, and freedom will be mine.

This collection contains all four books in the Dragon Guard series:Dragon Trial, Dragon Rising, Dragon Ashes, and Dragon War.

Join Anya as she fights for freedom, falls in love, and discovers a hidden destiny she could never have imagined.

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